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Olympus infinity stylus mju

olympus infinity stylus mju 2 thoughts on “ The Best Compact For The Money – Olympus Infinity Jr. Discussion in 'Olympus' started by eric_cotenas, Sep 21, 2009. or Best Offer. 9 out of 5 stars 2 ratings. MelvL P1040156 (5725727921). While Buy Olympus Infinity Stylus Epic Zoom 80 (Black) in Singapore,Singapore. The lens is clean & clear, fungus & dust free. September 04, 2020 Introduced in 1998 the Olympus Infinity Stylus ZOOM 140 was also sold as the mju ZOOM 140. 20 postage. In addition (off the top of my head) the zooms were the Wide 80 (28-80mm) and a standard 80, a 70mm, a 105mm, 110mm, 115mm, 140mm, 150mm and a 170mm. Brand: Rayovac. 18 MB OLYMPUS INFINITY STYLUS EPIC ZOOM 80 DELUXE 35mm CAMERA INSTRUCTION MANUAL. Receive a high quality printed and bound manual in days. Meaning. OLYMPUS Infinity Zoom 70 Users Guide OLYMPUS Stylus / mju 700 / 710 Users Guide OLYMPUS C-2 / C-220 / D-520 Zoom Users Guide OLYMPUS E-1 (Manuel de référence) lukas0235's items for sale on Carousell. It turns out the MJU Zooms are a little bit…well, horrible. $60. It focuses quickly and a half press of the shutter button will hold the focus and exposure, allowing you to recompose before you fire the shutter. A zoom lens is a marvellous thing. It is very simply camera in terms of functions and usability but this camera is no slouch and will punch above its weight class to the Contax and Ricoh point and shoots. 2ft to infinity. It’s known outside the US as ‘Mjuii’). ) to— (infinity) *If the distance between the subject and the camera is less than 0. Olympus mju II (Infinity Stylus Epic) 35mm f/2. See full list on camerapedia. Olympus [mju:] Zoom Sliding Door Cover Black. 5 out of 5 stars. 00. a. k. C $125. I purchased them because: This week we shoot the Olympus Infinity Stylus also know as the MJU at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk! It's not the Stylus Epic with the 35mm 2. And sharp, sharp, sharp! AF is as fast as any of the others in this type of camera. Introduced in 1997, the Olympus Stylus Epic followed a long line of fixed focal length, budget priced, consumer level, point and shoot cameras from Olympus that have tended to appeal to enthusiasts and professionals who want a camera small enough to fit in a pocket. (£90. This camera is tested and working. 8 Automatic exposure Built-In Flash (option to turn off) Film Type: 35mm (reads DX code from iso 50 to iso 3200) But let’s get to the nitty gritty. The first two I enjoyed using but struggled to get any memorable pictures from them, and ended up selling them off, greatly disappointed. 5 35mm mju Point & Shoot Film Camera. 35 m (1. Most people are familiar with the Olympus Stylus Epic, but what exactly is the Stylus Zoom 80 Wide? It’s a point-and-shoot camera with 28-80mm f/4. However, the shutter may sometimes be released erroneously when the subject is extremely close to the camera. 4. Olympus mju 1 PANORAMA, also known as mju i and infinity stylus, 35mm Point and Shoot Film Camera Olympus mju-1/Infinity Stylus 35mm Compact Film Camera. 0 megapixels) Olympus mju 500 (Stylus 500, 5. It is an iconic example of design and function coming as it did near the end of the 35mm film era, just before the arrival of digital cameras and mobile phones with inbuilt digital cameras. new film to try by Yutaka Seki 17 3 We started carrying film at work, 35 and 120 from Fujicolor, including Olympus Infinity Stylus (Also known as the Olympus MJU-1 just remarketed for the American market). Olympus Infinity Stylus Zoom DLX / MJU Zoom 70 35mm Film Camera. 8 lens (not to be confused with the many zoom lens versions of this camera, which carry a similar name), composed of four elements, in four groups. (AF-10) Review ” 10 Under 20: 10 Awesome Film Cameras You Can Get For $20 Or Less – GRAINY I’ve bought three rolls of pre-exposed film from three different brands. #riyadh #35mmfilm #35mm #cinestill 50d #olympus mju 1. FOR SALE! olympus infinity stylus zoom 105 deluxe (also known as; mju i zoom 383843493119 for CR123A Rayovac Battery Olympus Infinity Stylus Zoom 140 Film Camera. k. Amazon com Olympus Stylus Tough 3000 Manual FREE Download User Guide. Olympus mju 410 (Stylus 410, 4. Olympus Infinity Stylus (MJU 1) 150. 00 shipping. Men’s Adidas Running Shorts (3X) S$6. Olympus Infinity Stylus MJU Zoom 38-140mm All Weather Point and Shoot. View and Download Olympus Stylus instructions manual online. 00. 5 (International Infinity Stylus) 35mm Camera. The Olympus Stylus Epic is an autofocus camera, with a fixed 35mm f2. Here is a roll of Ultrafine Xtreme 100 that I shot through it during a photowalk in downtown Indianapolis with a friend. Olympus Mju II – first released in 1997 Some 3. Olympus Infinity SuperZoom 3500 35mm Point & Shoot Film Camera 4. 8 Lens NEW OLD STOCK - which means this is literally brand new, a supplier bought heaps of them and then films went out of fashion, so the supplier sat on it for 20 years. 16 The Olympus Stylus Epic, also known as the μ [mju:]-II in other parts of the world, is a 35mm compact camera. Then I went with my wife to Muscoot Farm to see a friends’ paintings – part of a water color exhibition being held there. 8 lens but it Looking for an affordable, dependable point and shoot 35mm film camera? Then check out the OLYMPUS MJU I aka OLYMPUS INFINITY STYLUS. olympus mju i (mju 1, infinity stylus) 35mm point & shoot film camera w/ battery Olympus Infinity Stylus Epic Mju II Point and Shoot 35mm Film Camera in Black - Fully Functional. 0-megapixels of image resolution, and a compact, durable, all-weather body, the Stylus 500 demonstrates that power and elegance can co-exist in 📀📀 Olympus MJU I, hay còn gọi là MJU Infinity Stylus, ra mắt năm 1991. 4 zoom lens. The Olympus Mju II is an incredibly compact point-and-shoot camera with an exceptionally sharp and capable lens. 1 oz and is no larger than a Sony RX100 series camera (which weighs nearly double). 5 lens that has 3 elements in 3 groups (the exact same as the original mju). Selling 3 pairs of authentic Adidas Running Shorts. 5 million copies of the Olympus Mju II were sold. ' A highly regarded point & shoot camera film camera with a sharp lens '. 99 and it was the day of the monthly 50% off sale so with tax and rounding up for charity I paid a whopping $3. com (1. 38. Olympus Infinity II Stylus 35 mm 1:2. 5 Point type: point shoot, film format: 35mm, focus type: auto manual, bundled items: film, features: built-in flash, mpn: 102-320, short description: title: Olympus 102-320 Stylus Lens Epic 35MM MJU-11 2. eBay. Great 35mm point and shoot camera in good condition. If you are into film photography and have never had an Olympus Infinity Stylus or MJU, do yourself a favor. We review the Olympus Mju II (Infinity Stylus Epic), one of the most popular point and shoot 35mm film cameras firing today. Does not impact A pro, great to learn camera that's still prove its strength today without much needed to talk about. 92. 20. Olympus: Mju Zoom 80 Infinity Stylus 80 WD Mju Zoom 80 WD U Zoom 80 : Compact Camera: Olympus: Mju Zoom 105 Infinity Stylus 105 U Zoom 105 : Compact Camera: Olympus The Olympus µ [mju:]-V (or for ease of typing the Olympus mju-V), known as the Stylus Select 105 in the US, was released in 2002, and so helpfully there is quite a lot of information about it on the Olympus website. Get great deals on Others Chat to Buy The Olympus Stylus 1 is a super-zoom camera with a twist, offering the DSLR-like looks of the OM-D E-M1, a 28-300mm f/2. I'm debating between buying the Olympus Mju I or the AF-1. Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom Olympus M [mju:] II Zoom 80 / Infinity Stylus / MJU II - Gold 35mm Film Compact Point and Shoot Camera. Với thiết kế nắp trượt phát triển từ dòng XA, ∞ Stylus mang trên mình vỏ nhựa, hệ thống flash 4 chức năng, hệ thống autofocus cực chính xác và chiếc prime lens 35mm F3. The camera was priced $3. It will be shipped the next day after receiving the payment confirmation. 1 megapixels) u720SW,S720SW; Olympus mju 725 (Stylus 725, 7. Full automatic 35 mm autofocus lens-shutter camera with built-in 35—70 mm zoom lens. a. Become part of our fun community, share your fantastic photos with friends and read the latest photography tips, news and features. So far, all three have been excellent budget purchases, but the Stylus Epic Zoom has the most character so I thought it fit the bill for a mini-review here on 35mmc. Seller 100% positive . 5 35mm mju Point & Shoot Film Camera. It is a tad hair-trigger. See here for the press release, which also has a link to the camera’s full specs. Camara vivitar Bv50 lente focus free flash on/off utiliza 2 pilas AAA formato film 35mm • incluye: Funda, pila, correa y 1 film b/n First person POV film street photography taking pictures of strangers on Olympus mju 2 / Infinity Stylus Epic. Cámara analógica Olympus mju/infinity stylus con zoom. The focus and exposure lock works by depressing the button half-way. The 35mm f/2. Mju I and Olympus Infinity Stylus Epic a. Tested and works perfectly. 1 megapixels). Also for: Infinity stylus zoom. Powered by Squarespace. 0 megapixels) Olympus mju 600 (Stylus 600, 6. We have been in business for over 40 years and have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. Features include: Lens: 35mm / f 2. The Olympus Stylus 600 features a 6. The camera is fully functional and ready to produce another lifetime of fantastic photos. Olympus MJU ZOOM 140 / µ [mju:] / Infinity Stylus + Samsonite leather case | 35mm Film Compact Point and Shoot Camera. 8 lens on the Olympus Stylus Epic Mju II. Fully tested and functional! Has some very minor surface scratches. 8. Both appear Olympus ∞ Stylus ZOOM PANORAMA; The µ[mju:] ZOOM was a fully automatic 35mm compact camera introduced by Olympus in 1993. Here are some results from my July film camera (See: July Film Camera – Olympus Mju (Infinity Stylus) II Zoom 80). what's even more remarkable, it's also the world's smallest, lightest 140 mm zoom camera Here we have a cult classic Olympus Infinity Stylus Epic (known as the MJU II in non-USA markets) 35mm point-and-shoot film camera. 7: 274: Olympus Stylus 770 SW: 2450: 82: Olympus Stylus 795 SW aka mju 795 SW: 7. A slight downside tough is the size of the view finder, it’s very small and takes a little getting used to. 99 / $699. 35mm point and shoot. 1. Where the Stylus Epic is small, light and quick, the Stylus Zoom 80 is chunky, heavy and slow. Kodak Gold 200. As a result, pricescan(at times) still be quite reasonable, and on ebay auctions I have seen them go in the sub-$40 range. dangun-panirus. Apart from perhaps a couple of occasions when one or the other of us was away on business it’s the first birthday in 43 years I can remember when she wasn’t around. I find that it's larger size is more manageable for my hands, and while the Epic will beat it in a straight-out specification shootout, in the real world the elder model gives up very little. 8 lens (Flash not working) -S/N-1166550 Description: The Olympus µ[mju:] (US: ∞ Stylus) was a fully automatic 35mm compact camera introduced by Olympus in 1991. Olympus Stylus Epic / mju II specifications. tiff-mg. It is switched on by shifting the lens cover to one side. ), the autofocus lamp (green) to the right of the viewfinder will blink and shutter will not release. Here is the review of the Yodica Antares film, shot on an Olympus MJU II (Stylus Epic Infinity). 00. 81. You can reach shots you would miss with a prime-lens compact. (8) 8 product ratings - Olympus Stylus Infinity 3. Olympus Mju 2 printed camera manual. 8 - it's plenty fast. #skate #skateboard #film #35mm #olympus stylus #olympus #Olympus Stylus Infinity #olympus mju-1 #stylus #stylus infinity #homies #skateboarding #street skate #vx1000 #minidv 96 notes the-17th-chamber เจ้า mju 1 นี่สเปคเด่นๆคร่าวๆคือ เป็นกล้องที่ออโต้โฟกัสตั้งแต่ระยะ 0. 8 Olympus IS-2000 Olympus IS-1 Olympus 35 RD Olympus IS - 3 DLX OLYMPUS 35 ECR Olympus made more than a few of the Olympus Mju 1, or to give it its full name, µ[mju:]-1, and over the last four years, I've had three of them. 00. I think it is a good example of the design genius of Maitani who was so good at synthesizing combinations of innovation and tradition. 0-megapixel CCD, 3x lens, an all-weather body design, and compact size. It's called the Verve in the USA, the mju-ii (mju-2) in Europe and the µ-mini Digital in other places, or something like that. This Olympus was so appreciated it won numerous prizes (Best Design, Best 35mm Zoom Point and Shoot, Best Lens Shutter/Zoom). Stylus Zoom digital camera pdf manual download. On paper they should have wiped the floor (just look at the focusing steps 100 on the Olympus to just 6 on the Ricoh). That is a huge benefit. Mju II I decided to perform a honest test, compare both side-by-side, shooting the same scene with both cameras and write a short review based on my observations. 59 notes. Priced at £549. A Fixed Lens Point and Shoot Also known as the Olympus MJU II in other parts of the world, this camera is a rarity with an aperture of 2. It was very small and curvy for a zoom camera (the lightest in its class) with an integrated lens cover. 1 feet, which is about the standard for any ‘90s point-and-shoot. 00. Olympus Mju I Infinity Stylus 35mm Point & Shoot This tiny little digital camera was introduced in the winter of 2004. Read. Shipping $3. Camara vivitar Bv50 lente focus free flash on/off utiliza 2 pilas AAA formato film 35mm • incluye: Funda, pila, correa y 1 film b/n . Condition: The camera has been fully tested with film & is in full working order. Condition: Used. So, is that the entire review? Not quite. item 2 Olympus Stylus MJU 1 35mm Compact Film Camera Find the Olympus Stylus Epic at KEH Camera or on eBay. 35m – infinity (ถือว่าถ่ายได้ใกล้สุดยอดมากสำหรับยุคนั้น) , มีแฟลชในตัว ซึ่งเปิด Auto Media in category "Olympus μ/Stylus film cameras" The following 17 files are in this category, out of 17 total. 5 olympus stylus epic olympus infinity stylus zoom 140 olympus mju ii olympus mju olympus xa point and shoot film camera olympus infinity stylus zoom But, while Its not a camera to scoff at by any means, the Olympus Infinity Stylus(AKA the original MJU) is often overshadowed by its younger brother the Stylus Epic. Introduced at the end of January, the Olympus Stylus 710 is a new 7. Great for devices like digital cameras, portable lights, LED flashlights, home security and electronics. Olympus Stylus MJU-1 with 35mm F/3. Olympus Infinity Stylus (mju). And, yes, it does allow you to half press the shutter, recompose and snap. Olympus Infinity Accura Zoom XB 70 35mm Auto Focus Olympus mju 850 SW Review Cliff Smith | September 3, 2008 10:56 am BST. The 410 Digital has a four megapixel sensor and three times optical zoom In this kit: 1) Olympus Infinity Stylus Epic Mju 1 point and shoot camera with Olympus 35mm f2. My mju II 80 was much sharper overalll, It may be too small for some hands and the shorter X2 zoom is an issue. $489. The Olympus μ [mju]-1 was first made by Olympus in Japan in 1991. 1 ft. 0 megapixels) Olympus mju 710 (Stylus 710, 7. All cameras come with 6 months warranty. The Stylus/Mu series included a number of different models. Continuing Olympus' Consumer Electronics Show announcements, the company has unveiled the Stylus-5010, Stylus-7030 and Stylus-7040 - all based around 1/2. Key Specifications Pentax with its Optio W-series and Olympus with its mju (or Stylus in the US) range. For some models the Deluxe version added a quartz date option but the base model already had this. Equivalent to DL123A, EL123AP, K123LA, CR123A, CR123 & 123A. One of those early finds was this original Olympus Infinity Stylus. NICE OLYMPUS INFINITY Stylus w 35mm Mju Point & Shoot Camera TESTED - $174. Olympus Infinity Zoom 200 Front Shell. It’s darn near impossible to find an aperture that opens up that wide on a point and shoot! Olympus MJU V Zoom All Weather Compact 35mm Film Camera Point & shoot with Strap. The Olympus Infinity Mini was the first point and shoot camera that I bought and I plan on keeping it until it inevitably dies on me one day. Olympus Stylus Infinity 3. PHP 4,456. PHP 1,882. Shipping $29. Dumfries 2016. 199. It focuses from 1. 7 out of 5 stars 2 Olympus Stylus Zoom Black Colored 35mm Film Camera W/olympus Lens Zoom 35-70mm 35mm Film Camera (Black Color Version) Olympus Infinity Stylus/MJU I. Item 284206419033 Olympus Infinity Stylus Zoom 35-70mm DLX 35mm Film Camera Outfit Black Visit the OLYMPUS Store. 5 and the II had a 35f2. If you want more reliable (and repairable) Olympus P&S you could do worse than the PEN EE-2 which oozes vintage chic. Introduced in 1991, t Looking for an affordable, dependable In the US, the mju range was originally called ∞ Stylus (∞ representing "Infinity", a name previously used by Olympus in the US), with later models denoted ∞ Stylus Epic. 8, Brand: Olympus, Mpn: 102-320, Model: Mju, Type: Point Shoot, Film Format: 35mm, Focus Type: Auto Manual, Bundled Items: Film, Features: Built-in Flash, sku: 5520565433571261, brand: olympus, category: camera & photo > photography > film cameras, sku: 5520565433571261, Olympus Infinity Stylus ( mju ) Zoom 140 deluxe quartz date 35mm film camera. Olympus Quick Auto 310 Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 80 Deluxe: OLYMPUS TRIP 100 OLYMPUS TRIP 35 OLYMPUS infinity SuperZoom 300: OLYMPUS TRIP S: OLYMPUS INFINITY JR Olympus 35 SP Olympus Infinity AF-1 Olympus Infinity ESP quick flash: Olympus 35 Model IV. sold out. 95. PMA 2004: Olympus today announced the Stylus 410 Digital (to be known as the µ[mju] 410 Digital in Europe). Olympus Stylus Epic Mju II Infinity 35mm F/2. FOR SALE! OLYMPUS Infinity Stylus w 35mm f/3. At 140 mm this was the longest zoom yet for the Stylus/mju series. Olympus 35 S 1. Review posted 5/25/2006 Click on the Stylus 810 to take a QuickTime VR tour The all-weather Stylus 810 is a stylish and durable digital camera that delivers premium features, advanced performance and enhanced usability in a sleek, compact point-and-shoot body that's less than one inch thick. In the US, the mju range was originally called ∞ Stylus (∞ representing "Infinity", a name previously used by Olympus in the US), with later models denoted ∞ Stylus Epic. Olympus Infinity Stylus (MJU 1) sold out. Working. An Olympus mju-1 on a good day with Kodak BW400CN. 5 Lens Point & Shoot Camera Tested. It was called the Infinity Stylus in North America. 3"-type, 14-megapixel CCD image sensors. Features include: Lens: 35mm / f 2. 00. Cosmetically, the camera is in mint condition. Olympus Stylus Zoom 140/ MJU Point and Shoot DESCRIPTION Equipped with a 38-140 mm zoom lens and a powerful new flash, it gives you the flexibility you need to respond to any photo opportunity. 8 on a fixed 35mm lens. So, let’s back up a bit. 99. Info. 27 shipping 【Near Mint】 Olympus μ mju AF 35mm f3. 8 lens, electronic viewfinder and tilting LCD screen, and built-in wi-fi, all in a body that can be fitted inside a coat pocket. Available from these sellers. Below is a chronological list of all known 35mm mju models, with their Stylus/Epic equivalents and lens specifications included where known. It uses a single point auto-focus system capable of focusing as close as 0. 00. 8 Japan. 1 megapixels) Olympus mju 720 SW (Stylus 720 SW, 7. Olympus Infinity Stylus Zoom DLX / MJU Zoom 70 35mm Film Camera | Film Tested. 35mmClub. If you aren't completely happy just return the manual for a full refund. Incluye funda y una pila nueva (sin la pila serían 5€ menos). Related: olympus infinity stylus epic olympus infinity stylus 35mm nikon l35af olympus infinity stylus mju olympus stylus infinity 3. Feature-wise the Olympus Infinity Stylus is sparse, but capable, with a couple of annoyances thrown in for good measure. Olympus Infinity Stylus Epic Mju II Point and Shoot 35mm Film Camera in Black - Fully Functional. 199. I really like how the AF-1 is weatherproof but can't seem to find any confirmation that the Mju I is weatherproof as well. eBay. See pictures as part of the description It will be shipped the next day after receiving the payment confirmation. I shot my two mju-1s with the Ricoh FF-9s, I’ve already reviewed. The Stylus 710 was announced at the same time as the Olympus Stylus 810 (8 megapixels) and the Olympus Stylus 720SW (shockproof and waterproof 7. 8 lens, excellent metering and accurate autofocus, all in a highly-pocketable, weather-sealed package. The original had a 35f3. FOR SALE! Olympus stylus zoom 70 Item is used but in good condition. Olympus Mju II aka Infinity Stylus Epic point and shoot with Olympus 35mm f2. When I discovered how cheap these Olympus MJU Zooms were, I bought half a dozen. Olympus Infinity Stylus 35-70mm Zoom DLX 35mm Film Camera. Funciona correctamente, probada recientemente con una pila comprada específicamente para ello. For the ZOOM 140 the DLX seem t The major selling points of the Olympus Stylus Epic are as follows: it is a full-frame, 35mm camera with an excellent (and reasonably fast) lens in my favorite focal length, it weighs a mere 5. Olympus infinity super zoom 330 camera-film Olympus Infinity Stylus a. To be honest, I think I got carried away there. It was called Stylus Epic in the US market. It's all the same camera, the names are just changed to allow Olympus more control over who sells what where. The Olympus mju-II, also known as the Stylus Epic, is a cult favorite film point-and-shoot that's been increasing in both popularity and price over the past 10 years. It was also sold as the mju ZOOM 140 DLX. 8 lens. The Olympus Stylus Epic, also known as the μ [mju:]-II in other parts of the world, is a 35mm compact camera. Its original price was 2,290 francs (or 52,000 yen). Backup camera along with my 7D ii. A relic of the late 1990's it offers a sharp 35mm F2. 1 ft. Download Olympus Stylus Tough TG 3 PDF User Manual Guide. I’d taken a some pictures (in Croton-on-Hudson and while walking to meet a friend in Ossining, NY). 10 notes. 3 bids · Ending Feb 7 at 6:45PM PST 3d 19h. 00. Below is a chronological list of all known 35mm mju models, with their Stylus/Epic equivalents and lens specifications included where known. eric_cotenas Does anyone have a pdf copies of (or links to) the user manual for the Olympus Infinity Stylus (the earlier 35mm f3. Does anyone own the Mju I and can say that it is indeed weatherproof like the AF-1 and Mju II? olympus mju i (mju 1, infinity stylus) 35mm point & shoot film camera w/ battery | eBay This listing has ended. 35mm, f2. Sample 01 – Agfa Vista. Made in China, it was part of the hugely successful OLYMPUS INFINITY STYLUS zoom 105 dlx (mju i zoom 105 dlx) film camera w/ battery - $230. 1: 18: Olympus Stylus 840 aka mju 840: 8: 103: Olympus SZ-20: 10: Olympus T-10: 10: 0: Olympus VG-130 aka Olympus D-710: 98: Olympus VG-140 aka Olympus D-715: 784: Olympus VR-330 aka D-730: 14: 84: Olympus View and Download Olympus Stylus Zoom instructions manual online. 30. OLYMPUS MJU II ZOOM 115 Instructions STYLUS With the nutty prices that the Infinity Stylus (mju) & Stylus Epic (mju-ii) are fetching nowadays, the Infinity II makes for an intriguing alternative. Discover a huge range of cameras, lenses, accessories and films to experiment with. Olympus mju Zoom 105 is also known as Infinity Stylus Zoom 105. 8 Automatic exposure Built-In Flash (option to turn off) Film Type: 35mm (reads DX code from iso 50 to iso 3200) #2wenty #olympus stylus infinity #olympus mju 1. $179. Some internal dust as is common with cameras this old, but nothing that affects function or image quality. 8 Quartz Date camera, in good condition, with a new battery (new double CR-P 2 battery). Follow. 75 + shipping. The design of this camera reflects the successful and well known Stylus compact film camera range. jpg 4,000 × 3,000; 4. 5 to f/8. I love the weathering on the surface. 00. Great condition Olympus Infinity Stylus/mju i 35mm autofocus film camera. 00/Film Camera) £4. Olympus Stylus Infinity 35mm Video Manual and Review The olympus stylus infinity is a classic. This camera is tested and working. The Olympus Stylus 810's sleek, 6-ounce stainless steel body is easily pocketable and less than an inch thick, with its 35mm-to-105mm-equivalent lens fully retracted. 99. Sólo ofertas razonables. Comes with olympus case. I own six Olympus Mju point-and-shoot cameras all of which I purchased from op-shops for just one dollar at least five years ago. 8)? aka mju 5000: 12: 191: Olympus Stylus-7020 aka mju 7020: 12. Notably evolved by camera designer Maitani Yoshihisa from his Olympus XA design. 233867306864 Much of the appeal for me of the little Olympus Infinity Stylus lies in its polished black form. It's relatively findable and very affordable. Unicolor. 5-inch HyperCrystal™ LCD that is as bright as it is big, 5. 80. Though noisy, I am considering making this my Street Photography camera. It was sold as an ultra-compact, high-performance, high-resolution and lots more marketing speak to tell the buyer this is the camera they need. Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 80 DLX Sliding Door Cover Silver. It also introduces an innovative help system that should inspire its competitors. Keep spare Olympus Film Camera Batteries close by and never miss the perfect shot again with a wide variety of camera batteries and more from Batteries Plus Bulbs. Olympus Stylus Epic Point and Shoot DESCRIPTION Precision-crafted and styled for success, the Infinity Stylus Epic has an ultra-compact, all-weather body, and a high-resolution 35mm f2. This classic point and shoot has been a real eye-opener. 8 Zuiko Lens Film Camera. Tips and tricks on how to take pictures using t The Olympus Stylus Epic probably has one of the biggest followings in the point and shoot film camera world. Bought it new, it's hard to find a low shutter like this unless you go for a new one. OLYMPUS INFINITY STYLUS Mju Zoom 70 QD 35mm Weatherproof Film Camera TESTED - $86. Keh Model# 238839. 100% guarantee on all orders. First person POV film street photography taking pictures of strangers on Olympus mju 2 / Infinity Stylus Epic. I paid the shop a visit, and came home with an Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 80 ($6), an Olympus Infinity Twin ($6), and an Argus 110-format camera ($1). 1 megapixels) New Model as of Oct 2006; Olympus mju 730 (Stylus 730 Introduced in 1999 the Olympus Infinity Stylus ZOOM 140 DLX was the deluxe version of the Zoom 140 released the year before. This is the original Olympus Infinity Stylus (known outside the US as ‘Mju’), not the rather more famous (and more expensive) Infinity Stylus Epic (see Back to film: Olympus Stylus Epic and Finally found something at the thrift store. £90. 99, is the Stylus 1 the best all-round super-zoom camera? Read our expert Olympus Stylus 1 review to find out May 26, 2018 February 7, 2019 Mateo Guevara Lemeland Cameras olympus, olympus af-10, olympus infinity jr. Today is my wife’s birthday. Powered by Squarespace. Buy today. Provides reliable, long-lasting power for your photo devices. 5 version) and the other earlier non-Stylus Olympus Infinity (35mm f2. Olympus Stylus Stylus Camera-film: Instruction Manual. Research informs me this is the “older brother” model to the insanely popular Mju II model. sold out. Shooting my second roll in this camera, black and white Ilford XP2 Super. Because if you’re going to shoot a film that many photographers hate, why not shoot it on a camera many photographers hate? The Stylus 500 is the third generation of Olympus' series of premium point-and-shoot digital cameras. £27. 35 meters, or 1. The camera has a compact body shell design that is similar to the mju-ii and it has a very respectable f/3. The Infinity Stylus packs fully automated 35mm photography into a container that will slip effortlessly into a pocket. It also suffered from lens barrel light leaks ! More reliable and arguably better in good light The Olympus PEN EE-2. Processed and scanned by AG Photolab. Multi Format. Se encuentra en buen estado, con marcas propias del uso y del paso del tiempo. Tips and tricks on how to take pictures using t We absolutely love creative photography. 5, phù hợp cho hầu hết mọi tình huống. $10. fandom. $89. The Stylus 500 features an impressive 2. Ended: 09 Jan, 2021, 18:59:09 GMT. 1 megapixel digital camera in the weatherproof Stylus line. 00. Olympus µ [mjuː]-II. The Olympus MJU Zooms. olympus infinity stylus mju